Flexta enables companies to use SMS text messages to generate incremental revenues, capture sales leads, and increase brand awareness. Our award winning products provide instant access to 62 million mobile consumers.

SMS text messaging offers incredible sales and marketing potential.  UK mobile phone users sent c. 78 billion SMS messages in 2008, up from 57 billion in 2007, 42 billion in 2006, and 32 billion in 2004 (source: MDA). 

Flexta is suitable for everyone: from Sole Traders to PLCs, from Charities to Limited Companies.  There's no software to install, no technical expertise required, and no complex jargon to understand

For more information contact us or read: SMS for Business, SMS for Entrepreneurs, and/or SMS for Estate Agents.  Also, be sure to visit our SMS text messaging Blog and download our free guide: SMS text messaging for Profit. 


Flexta is compatible with:

* Flexta demos cost 50p plus 1 standard rate SMS each.

Flexta are AIB Innovation and Technology award winners. RSS2, a joint Flexta and MT-Soft product, received two PHPclasses Programming Innovation award nominations.

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