Do people really use SMS?

In 2006, 41.8 billion SMS messages were sent in the UK, giving a daily average of 114 million.  Given this, it becomes clear just how far the nation has come in embracing text-messaging technology - emerging from a popular craze to becoming an essential communication tool, inclusive to all age groups.

The Mobile Data Association has forecast that figures will continue to rise this year to deliver an annual total of 45 billion text messages for 2007, with an average of 3.75 billion messages being sent per month and 123 million messages per day. 

Why should I consider using SMS for Business?

Using SMS can transform your marketing into a real-time, interactive experience for your Clients, working for you 24/7 (even when your Office is closed).  SMS short codes are more memorable than long phone numbers or web addresses, and SMS allows you to instantly measure the success of a marketing campaign. 

Moreover, you can capture valuable Client data (e.g. mobile phone, date + time, email address), making it convenient, simple and cost effective to use SMS as part of your overall Marketing Mix.

What is an SMS Short-Code?

In effect, these are shortened telephone numbers, which are typically 5-digits in length.  Flexta operates on, ‘Shared Short-Codes’, meaning multiple companies can use on the same short-code.  Such ‘shared short-code’ services operate completely independently of each other, so there are absolutely no issues regarding privacy, or security of data.    This approach is very cost-effective, meaning Flexta is able to offer SMS services at a fraction of price of its competitors.

Why does Flexta operate more than one Short-Code? 

A short-code is configured to operate at a specific price-point so, for example, 60060 is set up to charge end-users 50p (i.e. each SMS sent to this number results in the originating device being billed this amount).  Therefore, as Flexta offers a range of price-points, its services operate on more than one number of short-codes.

Can I operate my own short-code?

Yes, although certain terms and conditions are applicable: contact us, for details.

Are there restrictions on selling and distributing information through SMS?

Yes, such services are bound by ICSTIS ( regulations and, as such, Flexta requires all users of its services to abide by this code of conduct.

What branding options are available?

In short, we can completely customise all aspects of the Flexta product portfolio – to your exact needs.  Currently, for our off-the-shelf solutions, we offer three levels of branding.  First, it’s possible to choose from range of premium, generic Primary Keywords.  Then, any given Primary Keyword can be partnered with either: (a) your own alpha-numeric ‘Prefix’; and/or your own alphanumeric ‘Prefix-Suffix’ coding structure.  Please contact us, and one of our representatives will advise you on the alternatives available for your business.

Can I use Flexta to issue customised SMS responses?

Yes, you are able to choose your own SMS ‘response messages’.

What is a Keyword?

A Keyword is the first word of a given text message.  For example, if you are asked to text FLEXTA 123 to 80806, then FLEXTA is the Keyword.  Likewise, if you are requested to text PROPERTY SE123 tot 60060, then PROPERTY is the Keyword.  Currently, we operate a number of generic keywords, and more are planned.  Please contact us, and one of our representatives will advise you on the alternatives available for your business, product and/or services.

Can I choose my own Keyword?

Yes.  You can rent and use your own, personal Keyword through Flexta.  This means, you’ll be able to offer the text2text and text2email functions, prefixed with YOURWORD as the primary keyword.  And, with our flexible, 3-month minimum rental period, you can even operate your own personalised code(s) for a specific event or campaign.

What happens if 2 companies want the same Keyword?

There is often intense competition for short, generic keywords.  Therefore, all Keywords are issued on a first-come-first-served basis, and so we cannot guarantee your request will be granted.  Should your preferred keyword(s) be taken (or otherwise unavailable), we will suggest alternatives.

Can I register a Keyword now, and then use it ‘down the line’?

Yes.  This is a good idea, to ensure you get access to the most appropriate keyword(s) before the competition.  And, if you wish to ‘register now, use later’, then we’ll offer you a discount until such time as you need to make use of your Keyword.

Where can I publish and/or use Flexta Codes?

Flexta Codes can be published and used in printed media, such as posters, leaflets, newspaper adverts, and business cards.  Also, they can be used in electronic media such as websites, electronic brochures, on CDs or DVDs, and in Email.

Does the consumer have to pay for Flexta SMS messages?

This depends.  You can elect to offer your SMS service on a "free-to-consumer" basis, in which they’ll just be charged their ‘normal operator rates’.  Alternatively, you can choose a “consumer pays” basis model, in which case the consumer will be charged on a premium rate SMS (dependent upon service, keyword, text.).

So, can I charge people for ‘things’ using SMS direct to their phones?

Yes, indeed,   In principle, you can charge direct to any mobile phone in the UK, for a wide range of ‘digital files’ including, but not limited to, PDF, WAV, MP3, JPG, XLS, ZIP, etc.

Can I use Flexta to sell and/or distribute ‘adult’ materials?

You cannot use the off-the-shelf solutions, provided through this website, for adult oriented content or services.  Our shared short codes do not permit any sort of adult materials (including, but not limited to: pornography, chat lines, dating, gambling).  However, we can use Flexta technologies through a different, adult-friendly short-code; please contact us, and we will be glad to discuss your needs.

Do you do customised SMS solutions?

Yes, please contact us, and we will be glad to discuss your needs.