Text2Email enables anyone to create a branded text about 234 plus EMAIL ADDRESS to 60066* SMS text marketing campaign.  You simply add this call-to-action to your normal everyday advertising, such as: classified adverts, flyers, business cards, radio / TV adverts, websites, shop windows, etc.

In seeing these ‘text-enabled’ adverts, consumers are presented with the option of using SMS as a method of communication.  There’s no need for them to be connected to the Internet; all that’s needed is a basic mobile phone with SMS capabilities.

Each time an SMS is sent, Flexta automatically captures the consumer’s mobile phone number, email address, date + time, and promotion code; this creates a qualified sales lead, i.e. a consumer that’s requested more information about your products/services.

  Please text about 234 plus EMAIL ADDRESS to 60066* for a demo!

The consumer benefits too; receiving an instantaneous, personalised 95-character response message to their mobile phone and an email directly to their inbox; this email contains a file attachment (e.g. PDF, JPG, DOC, etc.). 

The response message could contain a discount code, a product price, or a special URL, etc.  The attachment can be in any one of 50+ file formats including: .PDF, .MP3, .JPG, .AVI, .XLS, .WMV, .GIF, .DOC, and .ZIP.

You could, for example, distribute a promotional video of your company; an electronic application form; a customer questionnaire; or a selection of digital images of your latest product.

You can select your own keywords (i.e. ‘ABOUT YOURBRAND’ instead of ‘ABOUT 234’), and create your own 95-character response message.  Flexta operates 24/7 with coverage across all major UK networks, meaning your consumers will get a response whenever and wherever they choose to SMS. 

  Please text about 234 plus EMAIL ADDRESS to 60066* for a demo!

Flexta is compatible with:

* Flexta demos cost 50p plus 1 standard rate SMS each.