Text2Text enables anyone to create a branded text ABOUT 123 to 60066* SMS text marketing campaign.  You simply add this call-to-action to your normal everyday advertising, such as: classified adverts, flyers, business cards, TV / radio adverts, websites, shop windows, etc.

In seeing these ‘text-enabled’ adverts, consumers are presented with the option of using SMS as a method of communication.  There’s no need for them to be connected to the Internet; all that’s needed is a basic mobile phone with SMS capabilities.

Each time an SMS is sent, Flexta automatically captures the consumer’s mobile phone number, date + time, and promotion code; this creates a qualified sales lead, i.e. a consumer that has requested more information about your products / services.

  Please text ABOUT 123 to 60066* for a demonstration

The consumer benefits too, receiving an instantaneous, personalised 159-character response message to their mobile phone.  In addition to the comfort and convenience of an immediate reply, the message may also contain ‘instant answers’.

For instance, the response message could contain a discount code, a product price, or a special URL, etc.  Or, it could just as easily contain a simple ‘thanks, someone will call you back soon’ message; the choice is yours.

You can select your own keywords (i.e. ‘about yourbrand’ instead of ‘about 123’), and create your own 159-character response message.  Flexta operates 24/7 with coverage across all major UK networks, meaning your consumers will get a response whenever and wherever they choose to SMS. 

  Please text ABOUT 123 to 60066* for a demonstration

Flexta is compatible with:

* Flexta demos cost 50p plus 1 standard rate SMS each.